The Top Reasons You Need A Games Room

Want to kick back with fun activities after work within the comfort of your home? We have a few ideas for you. 

#1 Encourage Family Time at Home 

 A games room at your home encourages everyone in the family to spend quality time. In houses that don’t have a dedicated family room, a games room may fill that niche. Generally a games room can include board games, video games, cards, darts, table tennis, a pool table or snooker table. Instead of spending hours figuring out which movie to watch, if you design a games room properly, it will open up a horizon of entertainment options for you. 

#2 Designated Entertainment Space

Whether you’re entertaining your family or friends, a games room is an excellent entertainment space. Stay in for the night and comfortably host parties at your home by using your games room to offer fun entertainment without making a mess in the entire house. If you have kids, you know what it means to have extra space. It could be the perfect space where your kids spend their afternoons or evenings. After all, cleaning one room is far easier than cleaning an entire house.

#3 Design the Ultimate Games Room for your Home

Building a games room is a one-time purchase providing long-lasting value for the entire family. At Shanette Sheds we can build the perfect games room to suit your budget. With many sizes available you can choose the style of games room you’d like to build, the level of insulation, roof tiles and finish. 

Shanette Sheds deliver and install for free within 100km and we are CE certified meaning your building has a 10 year structural guarantee.


Our team can offer a high-quality unit for your unique requirements. Come and see our full range of buildings at our show area in Kilbeggan or Dublin or contact us today 057 9332294 or email info@shanette.ie.

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