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9.2m x 5m Gold Range Garden Room

Everything you need to know about Garden Rooms

With the rental market being so challenging and 30-somethings moving back in with their parents, interest in garden rooms is on the rise. They offer everything a house offers, and they are cheaper, designed to meet specific needs and cosy. 

Whether it’s the idea of having a little extra space for a guest bedroom, or if you have a family member that can’t afford to move out or if you need a home office in the back garden a garden room can give you some much needed extra space. 

Here are the top six most important factors to know about Garden Rooms:

1 Versatility

Garden rooms can be used for anything – a living space, a movie room, a music room art studio, a home gym, home office, sauna or hot tub room. An insulated garden room can be customised to create a space that meets all your specific needs. 

2 Planning Permission

Depending on the size, type and use of the room, a garden room may be exempt from planning permission. Generally speaking, you don’t require planning permission if the garden room area does not exceed 25 square metres and it does not reduce the size of the rear garden to less than 25 square meters. There are other requirements around height and sleeping accommodation.

Planning permission is up to the customers discretion and is not the responsibility of Shanette.

3 Insulation

We live in a cold climate. So insulation is a must. Your garden room needs to have appropriate insulation in the walls, the roof and the floors. Quality insulation and low U-values keeps the heating costs of your garden room down. Double glazed windows and PVC doors will help with weather protection to keep the garden room cosy and warm. 

4 Heating

Again, cold climate. The heating system is essential. Most garden room suppliers will provide a heating source for the garden room. And the options will depend on the supplier. 

5 Plumbing and electrical

Like any room, you will need some electrical work for lights, heating, sockets and depending on the use of the room you may need some plumbing for taps, showers and toilets. Most garden room suppliers will have contractors in place to do the wiring and plumbing. 

6 Privacy

Private space can be hard to find if you’re living in a crowded house. If you are working from home, you need to get away from all the disturbances and temptations of being at home. If you live in a cramped home or have moved back in with your parents, privacy can be hard to find. A garden room gives you that space.