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Plant Rooms

Plant Rooms
15.3m x 7.3m 80mm Gold Range unit used as a control room in Center Parc, Longford. Shanette Sheds

Plant Rooms

Plant Room Customers:

Center Parcs

Patterson Pumps

Veolia Water

Hydro International



Karro Foods

Campion Pumps

Plant Rooms

35 Years Commercial Experience

We’ve been involved in designing and manufacturing units for use as plant rooms for over 35 years and have worked on many different units, most notably for the Center Parcs Resort in Longford Forrest. Two units we’re installed an 80mm insulated 15m x 7m unit with 3m side walls for us as the main resort plant room & a 10m x 6m unit for use as  the main pump house.

As with all Shanette units we build to the client’s specific requirements, including any addition features required for example louvered vents, custom sized doors & windows. With the flexibility of manufacturing units to the customer’s specifications we can provide a unit to suit you the customer

Building Standards

Our steel buildings are manufactured in accordance with EN1090. All are CE approved and we can supply BCAR. The CE Certification applies to the design of buildings and the requirements for resistance, serviceability and durability of steel structures. This ensures our sheds are built to withstand Irish Wind & snow loadings. Our structural frames are the strongest on the Irish sectional shed market.

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