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In 2022, our clients faced the age-old question: to move or improve? Opting to enhance their living space, they embarked on a journey to extend their home. 

The heart of their aspirations? A spacious, inviting kitchen nestled at the rear of their house. 

The Challenge

The Byrne’s were eager to avoid disruption to their family during renovations and living in a residential area they were also worried about access to the site. Moving out of the home for months on end was not an option so they approached Shanette about our modern Standing Seam Extension. 

Our Standing Seam Extension was weathered to the rear of The Byrne family home and the interiors were completed by the client. 

The Result

This path promised not only speed but also efficiency. Unlike traditional brick extensions, our off-site construction method ensured that their project stayed on schedule, sparing them from delays and unnecessary expenses.


Today, the family enjoys their expanded home, all thanks to Shanette Superior Space. Experience the future of home expansion with Shanette

  • Date: October 27, 2023
  • Layout Domestic House Extension
  • Created By: Shanette
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