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Kilbeggan Mercy Secondary School Football Team

PE teacher Mr. Ryan Delaney and students from Kilbeggan Mercy Secondary School receiving their new jerseys today sponsored by Shanette.  Shanette are delighted to have their name on this years jerseys.

Shanette remains committed to playing an active role in supporting the Kilbeggan community. Continuing our tradition of local engagement, we are thrilled to contribute to the Kilbeggan Mercy Secondary School Football Team by proudly sponsoring their new jerseys.

Under the guidance of dedicated PE teacher, Mr. Ryan Delaney, the students received the vibrant jerseys with the Shanette logo, symbolising our enthusiasm and encouragement for their athletic endeavors. The team’s energy and dedication mirror the values we cherish at Shanette: teamwork, commitment, and striving for excellence.

With the jerseys serving as a symbol of unity and pride, we extend our warmest wishes to the Kilbeggan Mercy Secondary School Football Team for success in all their upcoming games. Supporting our local community and nurturing the potential of these young athletes is at the core of our values.

We wish them all the best in all their up coming games!