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Protect Your High-Value Items with Shed Security Tips | Shanette Sheds

“Garden sheds serve as essential storage spaces for valuable items like garden tools, lawnmowers, bikes, camping gear, and outdoor furniture. With these possessions often being of high value, ensuring their safety and security within your shed becomes a top priority.

Sheds can be prime targets for thieves seeking valuable items that can be quickly sold, especially tools. At Shanette Sheds, we understand the importance of shed security, and we’re here to share our top tips on how to fortify the protection of your outdoor storage space:

Optimal Location: We recommend positioning your shed where it’s not easily visible from the street, if possible, while still keeping it within sight of your house. While this may not be feasible in every garden, hiding your shed from plain view can act as a deterrent.

Robust Door Locks: Ensure your shed doors are equipped with sturdy, reliable locks. To effectively keep intruders at bay, avoid using flimsy locks. Never leave shed keys under a nearby flowerpot; instead, store them securely inside your house or in a discreet location.

Window Considerations: If your shed has windows, they can become vulnerabilities. Windows are often the weak points of a shed’s security. If your shed is purely for storage, you might consider omitting windows altogether. Alternatively, you can obscure the view with blinds, ensuring they’re fully closed when you’re not present.

Alarm Systems: Installing an alarm system in your shed can be a powerful deterrent for potential thieves. Place a motion sensor in the shed’s corner and a door sensor for added security. Alarm systems need not be expensive; battery-powered options are readily available at most hardware stores. Select one that suits your needs while considering the value of the items stored inside your shed.

Outdoor Sensor Lighting: Outdoor sensor lights activated by movement are an effective, budget-friendly security addition. Illuminating the area around your shed can discourage trespassers.

Taking these proactive security measures can significantly reduce the risk of break-ins and theft from your shed. However, in the unlikely event of a break-in, marking your belongings with a security system, such as UV pen markings or a more comprehensive marking method, can improve the chances of recovering your items.”

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