Keeping Your Shed Safe and Secure

Garden sheds tend to store a lot of high-value items, from garden tools, lawnmowers, bikes, camping gear and other outdoor and garden furniture. As these items are expensive, keeping them safe and secure in your shed is a priority.

Sheds are a prime target for thieves looking for valuable items that they can quickly move and sell, especially tools.

So here are a few of our top tips on how to improve your shed security:

  1. Location
    We recommend having your shed positioned where it cannot be seen from the street if possible, but keep it within view of the house. This may not be possible in all gardens, but try to hide it from view as much as possible.
  2. Doors
    Ensure your doors have a suitable, sturdy lock. Ultimately you want to keep intruders out so using a flimsy lock is not going to do the trick. Do not leave the keys for the shed under a flowerpot beside the shed door. Keep the keys inside the house or leave them where they won’t be easily found.
  3. Windows
    If your shed has windows, thieves will be able to see into the shed. Windows are often the weak point of the shed. If your shed is purely used for storage, then it may not windows at all, or you can obscure the view in with blinds ensuring that they are fully closed when you’re not there.
  4. Alarm
    Fitting an alarm to your shed can deter thieves. Place a motion sensor in the corner of the shed along with a door sensor. An alarm doesn’t have to be an expensive investment; you can buy battery-powered alarms from most hardware store. But consider the cost of replacing all the items in the shed and choose a suitable alarm.
  5. Light
    An outdoor sensor light which is triggered by movement is another effective deterrent, and it’s not a huge investment.

Taking a few security measures now can help prevent a break-in and the theft of your valuable belongings stored in the shed. If all shed security precautions are taken, then the likelihood of a break-in is low. However, if it does happen, you can improve the chances of getting your belongings back by marking them with a security system. This might be as simple as using a UV pen or using a more thorough marking system.

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