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We’ve been involved in designing and manufacturing units for waste-water treatment for many years and have worked on many high-profile projects. Last year we worked alongside Glanua on a new build wastewater facility for Glanbia in Bellview.

The project involved the design, manufacture and installation of two units for the site in Bellview, one unit to form a large MCC room and office building and a second larger unit to house the water treatment pumps (DAF Building).

The Challenge

To build two units to the clients specific requirements, including steel frame internal office walls, ceilings and the provision for louvered vents and services openings for the clients equipment and services.

With such a large project we worked closely with the main contractor to ensure our insulated units meet all requirements.

The Result

The entire structure was designed and manufactured off-site at our facility in Kilbeggan. As each panel is prefabricated, we were able to install the unit in 3 days. 

  • Date: November 27, 2023
  • Layout Commercial
  • Created By: Shanette
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